Quantifying aneuploidy in human IVF embryos
Aneuploidy is the largest contributor to pregnancy loss. I am investigating patterns of these whole-chromosome gains and losses across a sample of day-5 IVF embryos.
Transmission Distortion
Transmission distortion in human sperm
Biased transmission of alleles among gametes has been identified in many species. I searched for such bias in a large sample (>40,000) of single-cell sperm DNA from 25 donors.
R package for imputing sparsely-sequenced haploid gametes
Using very low-coverage single-cell DNA sequencing data of gametes originating from a single diploid donor, rhapsodi (1) phases the diploid donor haplotypes, (2) imputes missing gamete genotypes, and (3) discovers gamete-specific meiotic recombination events.
Science Policy
Exploring science policy at the intersection of research and government
Prior to graduate school, I worked as a Science Policy Fellow, engaging in projects including evaluating NASA's Mars mission roadmap, assessing supersonic commercial aircraft feasibility, and reviewing laws governing space technology exports.